Business - UCAS Code 2R3R

Content of programme

Students will understand how business is taught in schools, how pupils learn and make sense of the evolving nature of business. This is reflected in the range of business related courses that are now offered by schools, sixth forms and colleges, with the focus in some instances on entrepreneurship, work skills and new business technologies. 

Students will be joining the largest Business PGCE programme in the country, allowing them to benefit from a team of tutors with a wide range of expertise of business, both inside and outside of the classroom. Students will also be able to develop strong peer networks, share ideas, resources and advice amongst your cohort of fellow PGCE Business students.

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The conceptual knowledge gained at UCL, Institute of Education is related to the secondary education curriculum, before trainees undertake their first teaching experience at the main placement school in Maidenhead.  Trainees will have the opportunity to teach all ability and all age ranges, from 11-18.  Trainees later undertake a second placement at a secondary school in Maidenhead, before returning to complete their training at their main placement school.  Towards the end of the course, trainees build on their own practice by initiating a curriculum development project.  During their teaching practice experiences, trainees will have mentoring and support from school based tutors, and from experts at UCL Institute of Education.  Trainees also benefit from the Institute’s lecture programme, featuring nationally and internationally renowned speakers who address contemporary issues in education.

Subject entry requirements

Trainees will have a good degree (2.2 and above) in business or a related subject.  Business experience is a considerable advantage, and applicants/career changers with such experience are particularly welcome.  Information technology skills are essential and there is ample opportunity to enhance them further during the programme.  A broad outlook on business and education matters and a commitment to relating the disciplines to young people’s lives is important, as well as an advanced subject knowledge in business.  

Applicants are very strongly encouraged to undertake up to a week’s practical work experience in a school (preferably a Teach Maidenhead school), prior to interview.


The course is structured broadly into five phases:

Phase 1: An introductory visit to the main teaching practice school, to other Teach Maidenhead schools, and, where appropriate, local primary schools – first / second weeks of September 2017.

Phase 2: Developing subject and teaching expertise at UCL Institute of Education, University College London - mid September to beginning October 2017.

Phase 3: Placement at main teaching practice school in Maidenhead, with additional expertise and assessment from UCL, Institute of Education, University College London– beginning October 2017 to mid January 2018.  This is followed by two weeks at UCL/IOE and an induction at the second placement school.

Phase 4: Six week placement at second teaching practice school in Maidenhead, with additional expertise and assessment from UCL Institute of Education, University College London – March to April 2018.

Phase 5: Return to main teaching practice to complete the course end April to end May 2018.  A final assessment will be carried out via UCL, Institute of Education, University College, London – end May to June 2018.




 Trainees will be assessed in two ways:-

1.    On practical teaching and progress in achieving the standards for Qualified Teacher Status.  This will be conducted through observations of trainees teaching, and on analysis of their preparation, planning, marking, assessment and feedback.

2.    On assignments, portfolio tasks and practical projects, leading to the PGCE and to Master’s level credits.

School placements

Trainees undertake placements in two of the four partnership schools, one of which will be their main teaching practice school.

About Us

Teach Maidenhead is the foremost teacher training provider west of London. We provide up to 60 unsalaried secondary School Direct places. Our teacher training courses are organised in conjunction with two accrediting providers: The University of Reading and UCL/IOE.


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