Chemistry UCAS Course Code 2XTH

Content of Programme

This route is suitable for highly qualified and experienced individuals who are already working in education in a support role, or career changers with at least three years’ work experience in industry as well as some school experience. This is an accelerated programme, which, like the tuition-fee route, combines university tuition and practical experience in two Teach Maidenhead schools. Whilst we recommend that salaried trainees opt for QTS plus PGCE they can consider the QTS only route after discussions with Teach Maidenhead and Reading University. 

The Chemistry course covers aspects of teaching and learning that are generic across the sciences such as how children learn, practical work, safety in the lab, How Science Works and science enquiry, as well as considering potential barriers to learning such as special educational needs and numeracy and literacy issues.

Trainees will be encouraged to become experts in teaching their subject specialism and challenged to recognise their needs in their non-specialist areas. This will be encouraged through activities including peer teaching, microteaching and leading a seminar for their peers. It is likely that they will be teaching all three sciences at KS3 and at least two sciences to KS4. The course is 11-18 so we ensure that there is the opportunity to teach your specialist subject at an Advanced level in at least one of the two placement schools.

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Subject Entry Requirements

It is expected that you will have studied two science subjects to A level and have a science degree. A variety of Subject Knowledge Enhancement courses are available in Chemistry and there is growing evidence to show that trainees who have successfully completed these courses are more successful on the PGCE course and easily secure employment despite studying 'non-traditional' science degree subjects.

We expect you to have observed science lessons in secondary schools before your interview.  Applicants are very strongly encouraged to undertake up to a week’s practical work experience in a school (preferably a Teach Maidenhead school), prior to interview.


This programme is taught through on-the job learning in schools and supporting theory taught on Campus.

You will be assessed against the eight Teachers’ Standards, based on the evidence of your teaching, your wider contribution to school life and your ability to reflect on and evaluate these experiences. Assessment will be carried out in school and moderated by your University tutor.

You will also write three assignments. These are designed to deepen your reflection on your school experience in the light of educational research, and to develop your ability to research your own practice. As well as being assessed in their own right, the assignments will contribute evidence towards your assessment against the Teachers’ Standards. 

School Placements

Trainees undertake placements in two of the five partnership schools, one of which will be their main teaching practice school.

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