School Experience Days

School Experience Days


Due to the current Covid-19 situation Teach Maidenhead have not arranged any School Experience Days yet. This may change if the situation improves. Please check back on this page and follow us on Twitter for any updates.


Last year's School Experience Day programme was as follows:


Thursday 5th December 2019 - Furze Platt Senior School, Furze Platt Road, Maidenhead SL6 7NQ

Friday 24th January 2019 - Desborough College, Shoppenhangers Rd, Maidenhead SL6 SL6 2QB

Wednesday 11th March 2020 - Altwood Church, of England School, Altwood Road, Maidenhead SL6 4PU

Date to be confirmed - Holyport College, Ascot Rd, Holyport. Maidenhead SL6 3LE

Tuesday 2nd June 2020 - Cox Green School, Highfield Lane, Maidenhead SL6 3AX


These initial school experience days will consist of the following:-

A presentation explaining Teach Maidenhead and the courses we are offering.

A tour of the school.

An opportunity to observe three lessons, some of which will relate to the subject you wish to train to teach, and complete prepared lesson observations forms.

The chance to re-convene as a group at the end of the day and share experiences.  You will also complete a feedback and evaluation form which will help determine whether you wish to return for further experience days if they can be supported by one of the Teach Maidenhead schools.

If you would like to sign up to one of the above School Experience Days please navigate to the DfE Website for an explanation of how to register your details and how to book onto a School Experience Day.  If you cannot book the school day and you are asked to call the School Experience Programme Team please do so as they may need to "triage" you before they can allow you to book a place.  All five schools will show as being within the 30 mile radius so you can book at the one with the earliest date as we all work together to provide teacher training.





Questions and Answers

1.    How do I search and apply for a teacher training place?
Click here  to search for courses and here to apply.

2.    Are the training positions being offered salaried?
There are some salaried positions available. Please refer to specific training programmes for details. For unsalaried positions students are entitled to financial help from a number of organisations including student loans, government bursaries and in some cases scholarships.  Further information is available on our website under “Fees and Finance”.

3.    How much will the teacher training cost?
The cost of the course is £9,250 which is paid directly to the University of Reading.  

4.    How do I apply for a student loan?
You can apply for a student loan by clicking here.

5.    When can I apply for a student loan?
It is best to apply as soon as possible, but you can still apply up to nine months from the first day of the academic year.

6.    How do I apply for a scholarship? 
Scholarships are available for certain subjects, look for information under Scholarships in the section headed “Fees and Finance”.

7.    For which subjects are you offering places?
To find out which subjects please look under the section headed “Training Programmes”.

8.    I have a degree in "subject".  Does this mean that I am restricted to teacher training which is only applicable to that subject in Secondary School? 
Most teacher training programmes require a degree in that subject or a closely related one, for example Maths or Biology.  To find further information click on the subjects which have available places under the section headed “Training Programmes”.  Subject entry requirements are available under each subject.

9.    How many teacher training places are you offering for each subject?
The number of teacher training places varies dependent upon subject. 

10.    I have a Foundation Degree?  Does this mean I can apply for teacher training?
To apply for teacher training with Teach Maidenhead you will need to have a good first degree or graduate equivalent with a total of 360 credits. A Foundation Degree is designed to be worth 240 credits and is the equivalent of two thirds of an equivalent full honours degree.  You can continue your studies for a further year to acquire a full honours degree.  For further information click here

11.    What is the University of Reading's role?
The University of Reading is the accrediting provider and their main role is to help students develop subject and teaching expertise, and to provide PGCE and QTS accreditation.  

12.    How much time will I spend at the accrediting training provider and how much time in school?
Your time will be split between the accrediting provider and two of the Teach Maidenhead schools.  You can find a provisional timetable under each subject under the heading “Training Programmes” on the website.

13.    What will I have in terms of qualification if I successfully complete the teacher training programme? 
You will have both QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) and PGCE (Postgraduate Certificate in Education) unless you opt for the QTS only route which Reading University is prepared to offer.   This will allow you to teach key stages 3, 4 and 5 ie ages 11-18. If you do opt for PGCE as well you will have 60 Master’s level credits.

14.    Can I choose at which of the Teach Maidenhead schools I do my placements?
Placements take place in two schools. We will take into account any preferred choices for placements if we make an offer, however, we cannot guarantee placements at particular schools.

About Us

Teach Maidenhead is the foremost teacher training provider west of London. We provide up to 60 unsalaried secondary School Direct places. Our teacher training courses are organised in conjunction with The University of Reading.





Phone: 01628 625308 (Ext 129)


Address: Teach Maidenhead, Furze Platt Senior School, Furze Platt Road, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 7NQ


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