History - UCAS Code 2XG7

Content of programme

The Secondary History course at Reading:

1.   1.  is taught by staff regarded as experts in the field of History education, both nationally and internationally, and who have been consulted by a number of national and international organisations, such as the Historical Association, QCA and QCDA, the TDA, Ofqual, the Department for Education and Council of Europe on matters relating to the history curriculum;

2.    2. has staff who are research active in matters relating to history education which directly informs the work on the course

3.  3.  is taught in first class facilities through a series of practical seminars and workshops; weaving together personal experience, practice and research into challenging but highly practical and relevant sessions

4.   4.  has assignments which are designed to help you to plan your teaching effectively and imaginatively and to evaluate your skills, particularly in terms of the quality of learning achieved by pupils;

5.    5. is taught in a well-resourced campus environment as well as in school workshop spaces and in the field

6.   6.  Examines a range of pedagogical approaches to geography? teaching


7.    7. addresses all aspects of secondary history education.

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This conceptual knowledge is related to the secondary education curriculum, before trainees undertake their first teaching experience at the main placement in Maidenhead. Trainees will have the opportunity to teach all ability and all age ranges, from 11-18. Trainees later undertake a second placement at a secondary school in Maidenhead, before returning to complete their training at the main placement school. Towards the end of the course, trainees build on their own practice by initiating a curriculum development project. During their teaching practice experiences, trainees will have mentoring and support from school based tutors, and from experts at Reading University. Trainees also benefit from the University's lecture programme, featuring nationally and internationally renowned speakers who address contemporary issues in education.

Subject entry requirements

Applicants will possess good academic credentials (normally you should possess a 2.2 degree or above in History, or if holding a joint or related degree (e.g. Archaeology) demonstrate that 50%+ of the degree contains history related modules);

Applicants will have a good understanding of their historical specialism, but also understand how history works

Applicants are very strongly encouraged to undertake up to a week’s practical work experience in a school (preferably a Teach Maidenhead school), prior to interview.


The course is structured broadly as follows:

Phase 1: An introductory visit to the main teaching practice school.

Phase 2: A combination of Subject Method and Professional Studies sessions at   Reading University and time spent at the main teaching practice school in Maidenhead mid-September to end October 2018.

Phase 3: Continuation of placement at main teaching practice school in Maidenhead, beginning November 2018 to beginning December 2018.

Phase 4: Placement at second teaching practice school in Maidenhead, beginning of January 2019 until middle of February 2019


Phase 5: Return to main teaching practice in Maidenhead until middle May 2019 to complete the course.  Attend an enrichment programme end May to beginning June 2019 



You will be assessed against the eight Teachers’ Standards, based on the evidence of your teaching, your wider contribution to school life and your ability to reflect on and evaluate these experiences. Assessment will be carried out in school and moderated by your University tutor.

You will also write three assignments. These are designed to deepen your reflection on your school experience in the light of educational research, and to develop your ability to research your own practice. As well as being assessed in their own right, the assignments will contribute evidence towards your assessment against the Teachers’ Standards. 


School placements

Trainees undertake placements in two of the five partnership schools, one of which will be their main teaching practice school.

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