How we select our trainees

Selection criteria

Selection criteria

Our main selection criteria include:

1:  The ability to communicate effectively in spoken English

2:  The ability to communicate effectively and accurately in written English

3:  Evidence of subject knowledge and any other particular requirements of the field of study

4:  Enthusiasm and interest in the particular field of study

5:  Intellectual qualities and the ability to reflect creatively and critically

6:  Positive attitude to, and involvement with, young people including an understanding of the importance of establishing respectful, supportive and constructive relationships

7:  High expectations of young people and a commitment to their achievement

8:  Sense of the scope of a teacher’s professional skills and responsibilities

9:  Ability to cope well in highly pressurised and demanding contexts

10:  Commitment to collaboration and co-operative working with colleagues

11:  Commitment to teaching and the School Direct programme

12:  Positive attitude to equal opportunities and towards education in and for a plural society.

Selection methods

The recruitment process is rigorous and thorough, designed to get the best match of applicant to the places available.  

Shortlisted applicants will first be invited for interview at one of the Teach Maidenhead schools.  During this process, applicants will undertake a range of activities to judge their suitability for a career in teaching. These may include:

• An introduction to Teach Maidenhead training courses
• A tour of the school and opportunity to meet key staff
• A short activity guiding or supporting students in the classroom (applicants will not be expected to teach an entire class)
• A written activity
• A group activity or student panel, where appropriate
• A formal interview, with a Deputy Headteacher, Head of Department, and teacher trainer from one of the Teach Maidenhead schools. A representative from Reading University may also be present.  

Successful applicants who have applied for teacher training in Business Studies or Economics will then be invited to attend a confirmatory interview at UCL/IOE in London.


*A representative from Reading University may also be present 


About Us

Teach Maidenhead is the foremost teacher training provider west of London. We provide up to 60 unsalaried secondary School Direct places. Our teacher training courses are organised in conjunction with two accrediting providers: The University of Reading and UCL/IOE.


Phone: 01628 762231


Address: Teach Maidenhead, Furze Platt Senior School, Furze Platt Road, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 7NQ


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